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On Your Own Without Being on Your Own

Are you a freelancer or considering freelancing? The number of freelancer workers in the US workforce is expected to outgrow full-time workers by 2020. Although part of what it means to be a freelancer is to not be confined by a confined space, it might not be wise to discard the idea of an office space all together. Executive suites are an excellent compromise that doesn’t confine like a cubicle, but maintains the professionalism and productivity necessary to successfully grow your business. Here’s why freelancers need an executive suite to succeed and standout in the increasingly competitive DIY economy.

They’re Ideal for Getting Started

The toughest part about being a freelancer is getting started. You need to find clients that are willing to take a chance on someone new, even if that new person comes with a wealth of experience. First impressions are crucial in situations such as this. An executive suite in a class A office environment helps to make that valuable good first impression because it shows that you are serious about your work.

With an executive suite, you have a professional business address that you can add to your email signature or on your business card. Its location can add immediate credence to your business reputation and it also provides you with valuable business cred. After all, your clients most likely spend their work days in a professional business environment and it’s normal for them to have the same expectations when it comes to choosing a vendor.

Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch provides class A office space in a class A professional building at a class A business location.

Privacy When You Need It

Executive suites have a door, and when you’re a freelancer on the phone with a client or with a source, privacy can be extremely important. You don’t want to risk jeopardizing a client’s trust because they think someone can overhear your conversation. And you don’t want to risk misunderstanding the conversation because of competition from any background noise.

Being able to shut the door is essential something not available in a co-working space, a table at the local coffee shop or even from your home office as shutting the door doesn’t necessarily drown out the kids in the next room or noises from outside. It goes without saying that none of these other options are acceptable if the client wants to come to meet you.

Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch has private, fully-furnished, and quiet, office space and conference rooms.

Get Away from Time-Wasting Distractions

Although email and social media will always find you, there are distractions at the home office or coffee shop that won’t follow you to the business address. These distractions can include raiding the refrigerator, watching TV – just for a minute – and even unproductive people (not everyone at the coffee shop is there to work or to study). Any or all of these distractions hinder your ability to be productive. With an executive suite you don’t have food in the refrigerator or kitchen pantry to tempt you and you don’t have a television on in the background as you’re working.
Also consider the executive suite as a way to be part of the working world, but on your terms. You are freed of forced schedules, costly commutes and awkward meetings. You have complete control over when you are there or not. Even when you are not there your professional address is. Most shared office spaces have a staffed lobby so even if a client pops in unannounced and you’re not there someone is there to let them know you are out and take a message on your behalf. With this service you look professional even when you are absent.

Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch provides fully furnished work spaces, the services and technology that enhances your performance and productivity. Learn more by calling 941.373.1400.

15 Steps To Business Success

Want to learn how to head down the road to success with higher profits, more satisfied employees and happier clients? Take a look at our 14 tips to business success.

Plan: The first step in finding business success is clearly defining your professional objectives, your mission statement, your value propositions and how you’re going to achieve them. What is the plan you have in place to reach your goals?

Care: Care about your business, your work, your clients and your professional reputation. Be passionate about your company’s mission. Care about the satisfaction levels of your employees. Support improvement and reward success. Caring about your work and your business is contagious, and it should start with you.

Be knowledgeable: Who is your target audience? What do your customers want from companies in your industry? What are your competitors’ strategies? What are the opinions of your employees and clients about your business? From your company to your employees, to your clients, to your products and services, know the ins and outs. The more feedback you receive, the more you can direct and understand.

Focus on work environment: Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch is your top Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch/Sarasota provider of executive suites for a reason—we know the importance of a professional, healthy and positive work environment and how it encourages success!

Care about image and location: In the world of business, first impressions go an awful long way, especially if you are an unknown trying to get business from a prospect that has been in business for a while. Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch knows that your company deserves the finest. Our building is in a prestigious Lakewood Ranch location that creates a professional, active and high-status image for you.

Delegate: Teamwork is key! Learn the skillsets of your employees and delegate tasks accordingly. Delegating gives you more time to run your business and focus on your core competencies, while giving others further opportunities to invest themselves in your company. If you don’t have employees then delegate your tasks to the friendly and professional administrative staff at Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch. We work really hard to make you look really good.

Reputation: A company that truly desires success will seek more than profits. Keep the needs of your customers in mind! Satisfied customers equal repeat customers, and research shows that repeat customers are likely to spend 67 percent more than new customers. Not only that, it is much cheaper to retain than to recruit, so make it a point to not only attract clients, but to keep them coming back for more.

Keep it simple: The best problem solvers are ones that not only find an effective solution, but also the most efficient, simple and sustainable answer. Take care of business while steering clear from overly complex solutions.

Be flexible: Every company knows that no matter how carefully you plan there is always the possibility that something happens or a decision is made that changes the game. As long as your company’s operations have room for flexibility and your employees have open minds, several doors to opportunity and success will remain open even if one closes.

Keep accurate records: While the task can be tedious, keeping detailed records of all business activity can be invaluable. Costs can be reduced and controlled, audits can be made easier, and time can be spent more efficiently. Gathering, and most importantly, analyzing the metrics of how your business spends time and money can help you trim the fat and quickly reach your goals.

Differentiate: In other words, free yourself from your competitors! Discover what it is about your business that makes it exceptional. While your company may have similar services and products as others in your industry, identify the part of your business that is unique and makes it stand out from the rest. Use this to show your clients how working with you will be a professional and refreshing experience.

Maintain quality: While saving time and money is crucial for any business, don’t forget the necessity of high quality. Whether in customer service, products or services, quality is the foundation of success.

Plan for growth: With success comes development and growth, so plan for it! Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch offers flexible workspace solutions that provide offices for one to many people, with the option of moving into larger executive office suites in the same location to meet the needs of your growing business.

Have fun: Most importantly, enjoy your work! Keep you and your employees from burning out by maintaining the passion and drive for success. Cultivate a supportive, healthy work environment that will make your employees proud to work for you and your clients happy to work with you.

What does success mean to you? Here at Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch, the provider of high quality executive suites in the Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch/ Sarasota area, we know what businesses need to make their visions of success a reality. We have worked closely with a large number of different companies and organizations to learn what it takes to make it in business and have fashioned our suites and the corporate culture to nurture your success.

Oh, and the fifteenth step for business success? It is to locate your business at Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch. Stop in and see why.

Four Reasons For A Professional Office Space

4 Reasons a Professional Office Space is better than Open-Plan Offices

There can be benefits to open-plan office layouts such as greater interaction among workers or increasing the flexibility of a space but for a lot of people there are reasons that a dedicated office space is preferred. Below are four of the most oft-cited reasons that a professional office space is better than open-plan offices.

1) Fewer Interruptions

The ability to separate yourself from other co-workers when needed and have someone else take care of answering the phone can reduce the stress of environmental stimuli and allow you to prioritize and focus on important tasks.

2) Privacy

If you meet with existing clients or potential clients in person, having an open-plan office may make them uneasy or may make it difficult for you to meet with people face-to-face as often as you would like. In addition, there may be phone calls or business issues that need to be discussed that are uncomfortable to talk about in semi-public locations.

3) Feeling Less Crowded

Simply providing a more enclosed space as opposed to short walls that you can see over may help people feel less crowded. It can be difficult to concentrate when co-workers keep popping by a space or talking loudly on the phone.

4) Having a dedicated space

Individuals often have different tasks depending on their job functions and sometimes need different layouts or furniture for different functions. Instead of thinking of everyone’s workspace as the same, an individual office can be personalized based on whether that person does a lot of filing, drawing, or computer work, for example.

Come see what we have to offer and experience our professional and welcoming office environment today! Detailed information on the services Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch offers can be found here, but feel free to contact us (941.373.1400) and take a tour if you have specific questions about your business needs!