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The Only Executive Center For Businesses Of All Sizes

Executive business centers are essentially rent-able office spaces. They are available to businesses that need additional work space or are looking for affordable alternatives to leasing their own property. Most facilities will typically cater to small business owners who need an office but have a limited budget. And they offer their offices with very flexible terms.

Only special executive centers such as Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch, have the infrastructure to cater to all categories and sizes of businesses. From home-based operations to multinational corporations, Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch has everything that a business needs to professionally service its clients and grow its business.

Here are just some of the features of Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch:

• Independently owned and operated since 2002, Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch is the office business center benchmark in Lakewood Ranch, FL and the Sarasota/ Bradenton area..
• Our experienced team of management and service professionals has developed a successful office and service solution to meet the ever-changing needs of the business community.
• Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch encompasses approximately 25,000 square feet of award winning “Class A” office space in prestigious Lakewood Ranch.
• Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch has recently undergone an expansion with many upgrades to our technology and communications infrastructure. These upgraded services are now positioned to meet the current and future needs of our tenants and clients.

Affordable Pricing:Confer

Our prices will surprise you; you will find that exclusive, professional office space conveniently located just off I-75 can be yours for much less than you expected. Not bad, when you consider that your new business address is bound to impress your clients and guests.

Virtual Office Services:

One of the best things about Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch is that you don’t even need to re-locate your office here to benefit from our services. A virtual office means that your phone calls are answered by professionally trained staff, you are immediately notified of faxes and mail that you receive, and you can take advantage of the many physical facilities on a usage basis rather than as a recurring expense.

Come in and see what we have to offer, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Are You Running Your Business By Your Cell Phone?

When you’re first starting out and trying to keep your costs low it’s tempting to run your business from a cell phone. It also gives the illusion of being connected with your clients whenever and wherever they need you. This illusion, however, bears no semblance to reality.
The problem is that most small business owners have made accessibility a core differentiating value of their business from the beginning. They ask, ”Why use me and my service over any other competitors?” And they answer with, “Because you can reach me whenever and wherever you need me.” That’s just good customer service, right? After all, you don’t want to run your businesses like some giant, impersonal corporation.

One large problem with using accessibility as a focus of a brand promise is that it’s too hard for one person to sustain over the long-run; and your customers know that too. “Rely on me, call me on my cell phone” is not nearly as compelling as “call my company – trust my company.” Customers want to know that they are purchasing your goods or services from a company or reliable and professional organization, not just you.

Your business is going to grow and you are going to need help. Finding ways to manage this growth with part-time help, virtual assistants, and virtual receptionists is a proactive way to position you for continued growth. And it positions your business as a totally professional one that proves to your customers that they can rely on your company.

Many new business owners do not include staffing costs in their initial budget because they think they might not need to have a support staff or don’t know the real costs but still think they can’t afford it. But with virtual assistants, shared receptionists and virtual services they can afford the help they need to really make their company stand out. Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch offers more than furnished, on-demand offices and conference rooms, we offer shared help at reduced costs. Our receptionists can answer those frequently asked questions posed by your clients and prospects. Our services assure your clients that their needs are handled and their problems will be resolved by your company. We do the things that keep you from growing your business. That’s something that you can afford.

For more information on ways we assist your business simply contact us. It’s OK, just use your cell phone and call 941.373.1400.