4 Reasons a Professional Office Space is better than Open-Plan Offices

There can be benefits to open-plan office layouts such as greater interaction among workers or increasing the flexibility of a space but for a lot of people there are reasons that a dedicated office space is preferred. Below are four of the most oft-cited reasons that a professional office space is better than open-plan offices.

1) Fewer Interruptions

The ability to separate yourself from other co-workers when needed and have someone else take care of answering the phone can reduce the stress of environmental stimuli and allow you to prioritize and focus on important tasks.

2) Privacy

If you meet with existing clients or potential clients in person, having an open-plan office may make them uneasy or may make it difficult for you to meet with people face-to-face as often as you would like. In addition, there may be phone calls or business issues that need to be discussed that are uncomfortable to talk about in semi-public locations.

3) Feeling Less Crowded

Simply providing a more enclosed space as opposed to short walls that you can see over may help people feel less crowded. It can be difficult to concentrate when co-workers keep popping by a space or talking loudly on the phone.

4) Having a dedicated space

Individuals often have different tasks depending on their job functions and sometimes need different layouts or furniture for different functions. Instead of thinking of everyone’s workspace as the same, an individual office can be personalized based on whether that person does a lot of filing, drawing, or computer work, for example.

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