Virtual Offices

Manatee County Virtual Office Service

What exactly is a virtual office, and why would you need one in the Manatee County area? To put it simply, a virtual office is all of the accoutrements of a physical office—that is, the staff, fixed address, phone service, desk space, meeting and boardrooms—but you use them only when you need them. It is a way for start-ups to be big before they’re big, to have an impressive address without the expense (and risk!) of a long-term lease, and to have staff on demand without needing to do any hiring.

So why do you need a virtual office?

A virtual office is most valuable when you want the flexibility to work from any location, including from home, but still have a fixed address and business meeting and boardrooms when you need them. If you are meeting high-profile people or potential clients in the Manatee County area and need to make sure that the first impression counts, then using our Manatee County virtual offices is the way to go. Further, as a one-man band, your time is limited, so the extra staffing, from marketing to secretarial support, is invaluable. If your start-up is on a shoe-string budget, a virtual office provides the services you need at affordable prices; you  pay for the resources only when you need them.

There is more than one type of virtual office, so which package do I need?

You don’t have to choose! Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch has many types of Virtual Office packages but also offers the flexibility of letting you tailor a package to suit your unique needs. You don’t have to shoehorn your way into a predefined package and make it fit if you don’t want to.

A virtual office can be set up quickly and easily!

Once you know what services you want, Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch can have you set up and in business within an hour. All the services you need in Manatee County—local telephone number, fax, business address, voice mail, administrative support, meeting rooms and IT support—are all only minutes away from working for you.

Get the support you need to promote the image of a large, successful business located in the Manatee County area. Check into all of the virtual office services we offer, and tailor a package that’s unique to you and your business.