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Successful Meetings

People physically getting together to collaborate on a project, communicate ideas, conduct training or to share ideas are a business fact of life. Despite what many people might think, your conference room can make a powerful impression on your potential and existing clients. From the décor, to the layout, to the tools that you find in your conference room, each helps to create your conference environment and make your guests feel welcomed, comfortable and productive.

There are a number of other additions that can help your conference experience, such as the introduction of various pieces of technology and catering which not only add to your presentation style, but also help to ensure that you have a captive audience throughout your conference.

What should my Conference Room include?

When it comes to looking at a conference room you need to make sure that you look at exactly what your business needs and what a conference venue can actually provide you. In terms of features and ideas, some of the most common things you need to consider are:

  • Catering – Is catering available, either on-site or delivered? Hungry and/or thirsty clients can be inattentive and can easily lose concentration.
  • Layout – Does the layout of the conference room suit the style of your meeting? Does it allow you to engage your attendees properly? Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch has many layout options for you to choose from.
  • Furniture – Is furniture in your meeting room appropriate to the purpose of your gathering? Do you have the correct style of chairs and tables to create the ideal environment for your meeting? The style of the meeting room furniture used by Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch is both appropriate and professional.
  • Facilities – Is your meeting room equipped with everything that you need for optimum productivity? Do you have access to a projector or large screen TV? What about Internet access, white boards, conference call enabled speaker phones and display screens? Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch has all of the facilities you might need to insure the success of your meeting.
  • Accessibility – Is your meeting room easy to reach for people who might be travelling from a far distance? Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch is conveniently located just 6/10ths of a mile from I-75 exit 213 and only 15 minutes away from SRQ International airport.

The style of your meeting room and building it is in can leave a lasting impression on your clients as in many cases it could be the first area where they meet you – and first impressions last! If you are looking to impress your clients then you will achieve that objective with any of the four meeting rooms available to you at Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch.

Conference Rooms Fully Equipped for Success

The fastest growing trend in workplaces today is the rush to go mobile. Even the Federal Government is incentivizing its workforce to work in places other than a traditional bricks and mortar office. But even though more and more workers are doing their job in places other than a traditional office the necessity to get together and share information or collaborate on a project will not diminish. While the need for office space may go away the need for a productive place to gather together will not.

So does that mean that a table in the corner of a local Starbucks™ is sufficient? In a word, no.

In order for a conference room to be fully equipped for success, and by extension for your meeting to be a success, it must provide the following (in addition to plenty of comfortable seating of course):

Wireless Internet access. In today’s workplace environment it’s an essential. As one recent meeting attendee put it, “…it’s as necessary as air”.

LCD Screens or projectors. What good are ideas if no one can see them? Whiteboards are OK but very limited. Computer based idea sharing is the norm and the ability for everyone to clearly see what is on the presenter’s computer is key.

Audio and/or videoconferencing. You need to have a way to incorporate far-flung associates into the meeting. Either of these services allows you to easily accomplish that.

Lobby greeter. If you meeting at a location that is not part of your normal office inventory, (i.e., a rented conference room space) then it’s very important to have someone to greet all attendees, to provide directions to the conference room(s) and rest rooms, provide advice and assistance on amenities and anything else that might come up. Besides, it’s professional and it’s expected.

Full business services. We’re talking print, copy, fax. Available and easy to use and ideally serviced by the lobby greeter. I don’t think these are services Baristas are trained to provide.

Catering service. Even Napoleon was aware of the necessity of feeding the troops. So the well-equipped conference room either has a kitchen associated with it or has a handy catering service menu or two. Give your order to the lobby greeter and let him or her take it from there. I’m sure they even know where the nearest Starbucks™ is.

Extras. Maybe not absolutely necessary, but these sure make the overall meeting experience that much better and provide extra peace of mind and allow everyone to focus on the task at hand:
• Break out areas for quick, private conversation.
• Nearby restaurants. Not everyone likes the lingering odor of lunch in the room they are meeting in.
• Plenty of parking, ideally free. And in case the meeting goes long, well-lit.
• Easy access. It’s not productive to have someone arrive late because they were lost.
• After hours capability.
• Easy scheduling, preferably online, 24/7.

Fortunately for you all of this, and more, is available in any one of the three conference rooms located at Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch. The next time you need to meet in Sarasota, Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch, meet at Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch.

What Is Important In A Meeting Room?

There are many details to consider when looking for meeting rooms for your next business event. You want a venue that will convey the right message and compliment the event’s subject or purpose. The room should have the assets you need to make your meeting successful. Management and staff must be prepared to obtain anything you need to make your event a success.

Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch has three conference rooms of varying sizes to accommodate your meeting. Each room is professionally decorated and offers wireless Internet access, three-way speaker phones with unlimited domestic long distance at no additional charge, white boards and pull down screens for data presentations. Team members are on hand and prepared to do anything they can to insure the success of your meeting.

Look and Feel – The atmosphere of meeting rooms can have an impact on the meeting itself. A professional image means everything.

The meeting rooms at Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch are located within a Class-A office building in prestigious Lakewood Ranch.

Surrounding Venues – You should consider what kind of facilities may be necessary to have nearby during your event for your visitors. Will you need catering services to provide lunch during a meeting, or will attendees require a place to eat dinner afterwards? Will people travelling a long way require overnight accommodations? It’s also important to keep in mind the sorts of places you don’t want to meet near.

The meeting rooms at Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch are located within a five-minute walk of a major hotel and two excellent restaurants. It is less than twenty minutes by cab from the Sarasota- Bradenton International airport and we feature a very well-lit parking lot.

The Best Location – Seeking a convenient location is a good idea, especially if many people are coming a long way to attend your business event. Finding a location that is easily accessible for as many attendees as possible may increase the chances that your event will be a success.

Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch is located less than two minutes from the University Parkway intersection with I-75 (mile marker 213).