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Upscale Amenities For Your Business

First impressions are very important in business, but putting together a first-class, upscale office on your own is expensive. At Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch, our economies of scale allow us to deliver an image of success for your business at no extra cost to you. Before you determine where you’ll settle your business, compare the difference between other options and the full-service amenities of Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch.

  • Impressive 3-story class A building on beautifully landscaped property with plenty of convenient parking and walking distance to Holiday Inn, Alamo Steakhouse and the Lucky Pelican restaurant. Only 5 minutes to the Mall at University Town Center.
  • Elegant, upscale interior decor for a refined business atmosphere that communicates quality, style and confidence to your clients.
  • Grand entrance and reception area with “always-present” professional reception, plenty of seating and restrooms.
  • Four distinctly appointed conference rooms to accommodate every type of business meeting from one-on-one appointments to seminars and presentations.
  • On-site videoconference equipment, fax, mail and scan to email services.
  • Kitchen/break area with refreshment machines and complimentary coffee, tea hot chocolate and filtered water.
  • High-speed Verizon FiOS Internet service. Free WiFi throughout the center for all guests.
  • VOIP based phone system with SOA voice mail and free long distance.
  • Beautifully furnished offices that are cleaned daily.
  • Relaxing outdoor courtyard with seating and picnic tables.
  • 24/7 access with security cameras and electronically locked entrance.
  • Ample lighted parking area.

To learn more contact Tatiana Fester at 941.373.1400 or by email through this website.

What’s So Great About An Executive Suite?

If you are just starting a new business on your own, or are opening a new office in a new city, it’s imperative that you give your business the best opportunity to succeed while keeping your costs under control. Allowing you to accomplish this is what an executive suite is all about.

First of all you won’t have to make a long-term commitment to a building. Typical executive suite leases are 1 year or less. And, the suites are usually located in a professional area and in a prestigious office building which means you won’t have to pay for location. Nor will you be paying CAM fees. Nor will you have to pay deposits for utilities. If the electricity goes out or the plumbing or HVAC has problems it’s not up to you to get it fixed. That’s the job of the center manager and that saves you time and money.

Executive suites are typically fully furnished. That means you won’t have to buy or rent furniture. This includes furniture for conference room(s), break rooms and the like. Nor will you have to have it moved in or moved out if you leave.

Executive suites typically have a community copier and fax machine. You don’t have to commit your money to buy or purchase these items as you pay only for use.

Executive suites have a telephone and Internet infrastructure already in place. You don’t have to arrange for their installation, fix them if they break, or capitalize them for tax accounting purposes. You pay for only what you use. And, the phone system usually comes with live answer before transfer but you don’t have to hire the operator which means no personnel expense for you.

And while we are on the subject of personnel most executive suites have a furnished and staffed lobby area which is another person you don’t have to hire and another room you don’t have to furnish.

Well run executive suites, such as the ones you will find at Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch, are set up so that you can come in on a moment’s notice, pick your office and go right to work. Everything is there waiting for you. It’s truly plug and play with almost no pay.