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What Are Executive Office Suites?

Executive suites (also known as office business centers, serviced offices, and temporary or short-term office space) provide office space typically in a Class A office building with flexible terms and more services than that provided via conventional office space. The business owner rents a private (usually furnished) office and shares common areas such as lobby, conference and meeting rooms, and break areas. You also share a receptionist, copiers, and other office equipment such as video conferencing gear. The centers, offices and conference rooms are already finished with professional, high-end decor, furniture, and amenities. Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch provides all of this and more including daily housekeeping and building maintenance.

Executive suites give small businesses access to corporate-style amenities, atmosphere and technology without a large up-front investment. The services you will find at Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch include personalized telephone answering services, high speed Verizon FiOS Internet access, mail services, and administrative or clerical support.

There are an estimated 4,000 office business centers operating in the United States. As the many advantages that these centers have to offer are becoming better known, both small and large businesses are increasingly using them to meet their office needs.

Executive Suits at Lakewood Ranch is privately owned and also owns and manages the building that its suites are located in. On-site management insures that your business needs are attended to immediately.

Is A Virtual Office Space Right For You?

Many working individuals do not need to be in a professional office space every single working day of the week. They may prefer to work from home or are immersed in the wheels/smart phone/hot desk world of the nomadic worker. Yet even these individuals may find that Virtual Office service has many benefits to offer them.

For anyone who wants to protect a home address, provide the appearance of professionalism over a home-office or a wireless hot spot or wish to have someone answer their phone for them (while not having to pay for a full-time staff member to do so), then a virtual office is the perfect solution.

For some, increasing lease rates and maintenance costs, coupled with lengthy lease terms, make physical offices less affordable. Virtual office space is a great alternative for maintaining a professional appearance with the flexibility of working from a remote location. Here are a few reasons that virtual offices may work for you:

Virtual office space provides you with a physical address where you can receive mail and have packages delivered without worrying about delivery to a PO Box or sacrificing the privacy of releasing your home address. And you don’t waste your valuable time waiting around for a delivery that requires a signature.

Conference room booking means no more meetings at public locations such as the library or Starbucks. Work from anywhere and still have the option of meeting your clients and prospects in a  professional executive conference room. Many Virtual Office services include video conference capability as well. This lets you meet anyone, anywhere in the world, with no travel time and at immensely reduced expense.

Get the appearance of an additional physical location anywhere in the U.S. for a fraction of the cost of a full service physical location. Create branch office opportunities with ease and minimal cost.

Virtual offices provide small businesses with all of the above, and more, at low monthly rates. Service plans can often be tailored to meet your unique needs providing you with total flexibility. Varying term lengths are available as well.

Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch is your one-stop destination for virtual office services. We also provide executive suites and support services should you need them. We support you and the growth of your organization, both literally and virtually. Contact us to find out more.