You’ve decided that it’s time to start your own business. You started with a great idea, assembled a winning business plan and now it’s time to launch the business and let it fly.

One slight hang-up remains, however. In order for your plan to succeed it is imperative that your business does not appear to be a newbie. You will be competing against entrenched vendors who have something similar to offer and you know that in business credibility is key and that new clients are wary of committing their time, assets and/or money to a vendor that looks like they just opened their doors yesterday. If your competition is based in a traditional bricks and mortar location then you need to be as well. If for no other reason than to just level the playing field. A traditional bricks and mortar facility implies that a business has been around for a while and has staying power. It implies size, and strength and an attitude of professionalism.

But if you’re just starting out there’s a good chance that the money to get your own building and possibly hire staff so that you look in the eyes of your prospects to be as professional as you know you are, is not in the budget. So therein lies the problem, how does your business appear to the outside world to be established and professional without breaking the bank?

The answer is an executive office suite like the ones you will find at Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch. With an executive suite you get one or more fully furnished offices, you get a staff you don’t have to hire, you get an address that reflects a business location instead of a residential location or P.O. Box. You get someone to answer your phone in a professional manner, you get access to business tools such as copiers, scanners and fax machines, and you get professional meeting rooms instead of Starbucks or a fast food place. And you get cleaning service, electricity, water, sewer, HVAC without having to contract for these services or pay deposits on them. You are not responsible for ongoing maintenance, if something breaks it’s someone else’s problem, not yours. And you get all of this for a short time frame and very little cash out of pocket.

In short an executive office suite validates your new business as a professional organization that is just as qualified as the other guys.

If your new business needs validation and you are located within Manatee or Sarasota counties then you should be talking to Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch. We’ll have you looking professional and established in no time.