Executive suites are an ideal solution for entrepreneurs/solo practitioners/branch office personnel to conduct their business in a professional environment. They save time and money and often include the following amenities:

  • 24/7 access to the office
  • Professionally staffed Reception area and furnished lobby
  • Wired or wireless Internet
  • Parking on-site
  • Common areas and break room
  • Shared equipment such as a fax/copier/scanner
  • Meeting rooms for conferences
  • Video conference service
  • Enhanced telecommunications solutions


Renting an executive suite has networking benefits as well. Typically accountants, realtors, insurance and legal professionals are the types who seek out an executive suite. By having so many professional workers in one space, you’ll be able to network, work together, or even exchange services and help each other out. It’s always nice to add to your business contacts, and sharing a professional suite can help you do just that.

Saving Time

Executive office suites save you time; all the maintenance, cleaning, and administration work is taken care of, and included in your fees. If there is a problem with any part of the infrastructure, telephone, electricity, Internet, etc., it’s up to the management of the executive suites complex to fix it, not yours.

Saving Money

All of the tenants in an executive suite share costs for the amenities, and that lessens the burden of a small business owner. There’s no start-up cost for furniture, equipment, utilities, copiers, fax machines and other business expenses. No utility deposits to concern yourself with. It’s easy to manage  because you know exactly how much you need to budget per month. If you need to upsize during a busy period, that’s easy to do with the flexibility of an executive suite. Then during your slower months, you can downsize your office so you’re not paying for space that you don’t need. The options are endless with this type of business arrangement.

The vast majority of executive suites are conveniently located to Interstates, busy arterial roadways, courthouses, airports, hotels, restaurants, banking institutions and the like so they can easily facilitate your business needs.