Looking Professional

Having the appearance of being an established, professional business operation is crucial to the success of startups in the Lakewood Ranch area. In today’s business world a home based business doesn’t quite have the stigma that it once had but companies and organizations can still form an unconscious bias against a business that doesn’t appear “professional.” If you look like you’re already a successful business then clients and customers are more likely to be confident in what you can do.

There are four key areas that can make your business look like it should be playing in the same sandbox as the “big guys.”

1. Internet Presence

More often than not, your website is the first point of contact for a client, so if it doesn’t look good, then they are likely to quickly click on the next link in their search results. A clean, clear intuitive design works really well and promotes the professionalism that you are trying to project. Good quality content in the form of a homepage, product pages and a blog will help boost traffic and conversion rate.

Your social media profiles need to be kept relevant and up to date otherwise your business will appear neglected and tired. Remember to keep your profiles relevant for your business and schedule postings to keep them current.

Don’t overlook your email address, either. Sure, free email addresses are great but to really stand out you need to change it to your domain name.

2. Phone System

OK, your prospect has been to your website and likes what they see. Their next step is to likely pick up the phone and give you a call. If they are greeted by a family voice mail greeting because you are using your home phone as a double for your business line, or hear a noisy background, your prospect will quickly hang up. If you’re operating at home, make sure you have a separate line, a quiet place to answer it and a professional voice mail greeting for a professional feel. Your best option is to outsource this to a company specializing in professionally answering your phone for you. It’s way less expensive than you may think and can come with many options to further enhance your business. Virtual Office services are your best bet.

3. Your Address

123 Mockingbird Lane or any other residential sounding street name just doesn’t cut it as a business address. Your business cards, letterhead and other correspondence need to promote an address that shouts “professional, established business here.” A residential address can make it more difficult to receive overnighted correspondence and packages as well. Our Lakewood Ranch Virtual Office service gives you a professional business address and there will always be someone there to receive mail, packages, drop-offs as well as your visitors and guests.

4. Meeting Space

Picture this, you are meeting a prospect with huge potential for your business and they are traveling to meet you. All of a sudden the kitchen table in your house just doesn’t feel appropriate and a public place with free Wi-Fi isn’t the correct venue either. Using either one of these two options pretty much guarantees that your prospect will quickly travel in the other direction. Virtual Office services come to the rescue again by providing a professionally appointed, secure and discreet place to meet.

Virtual Office services from Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch is the key you need to jump start your startup or take your home-based business to the next level of professionalism so that you can compete as a professional and win!