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Executive Suite Advantages over Commercial Real Estate

An Executive Suite is a great solution for many business situations. If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then you should be considering Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch. Be sure to call us at 941.373.1400 to discuss how this concept might fit your business situation.

• Does the thought of a long-term real estate commitment turn you off?
• Do you want to avoid paying utility deposits and monthly utility bills, real estate taxes and CAM fees?
• Do you need office space for a small work group of 1 – 5 people for any period of time?
• Do you want to be fully operational in only one day rather than months?
• Do you want somebody else to worry about administrative support and office management leaving you free to run your business?
• Are you currently working from home and looking for a professional environment to hold business meetings and/or have access to a support team when you need them?
• Are you an attorney, CPA, Financial Planner or business consultant considering branching off on your own?
• Do you need a flexible lease term that allows your business to expand?
• Do you need the ability to change location at short notice?

Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch leases individual or multiple offices and provides the support and technology you need in today’s competitive business environment. We run the office so you are free to run your business.

The best way to fully understand the concept is to call 941.373.1400, discuss your business needs with our on-site manager and arrange for your personal tour of our outstanding facility.

Traditional vs Shared Offices and Executive Suites

With 10+ years of experience within the Executive Suites (Shared Office Space) industry, I have seen many vital aspects of both Traditional Office Space and Shared Office Space change. The economy has helped shaped both of these industries terms pretty drastically and for technology has a more prominent role in their service offering than ever before.

The Economy is healing but at a slowed pace. Traditional Office Space is going through some pretty sever changes and is struggling to stay relevant. Building owners are trying to keep their units rented by discounting their Per Square Feet rates, playing with term lengths and find it a challenge to keep their CAM costs under control. When it comes to bigger corporations and organizations (Fortune 500 for example or the US Government, etc.), their goal is to lower their real estate foot print and increase employee productivity. This is where Shared Office Space comes into play. Executive Suites such as Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch find an increase in corporate tenants and large organizations. These types of clients no longer find value in renting out thousands of square feet to house a few new employees; now it’s all about one person offices or shared offices and maximizing their productivity. This same principal also applies to small business owners who once found prestige in renting out a free standing building or a spot in a strip mall but now it’s about cutting their expenses and going to a less traditional space.

With an Executive Suite business model, you get a shared receptionist to answer your calls (no more expensive payroll), you only use the space you actually need. Furthermore you are surrounded by other like-minded individuals from small business owners to account executives of larger corporations. Think of the great possibilities of in-house networking!
Technology has changed an awful lot as well. When I started my career in this industry, cell phones were current technology and the Internet was just starting to make its mark on industry and society. Cell phones were used to make “quick and brief” calls or during hours where it was free to dial out (“call me only after 7pm or on weekends”). Now cell phones are pervasive and have morphed into smart phones with all that their expanded technology entails.

Internet speed has increased exponentially and has created an improved method of communication known as VOIP technology. Cell phones and VOIP are not only a major method of communication but they are also a way to advertise our businesses, receive our voice mail and text messages and help us with directions to our next appointment. Furthermore, the innovation of smart tablets and much smaller portable computers have shifted the dynamics of how we report to the “office”. Today’s business professional needs a lot less space in our modern world to work. That is why places like Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch with smaller offices and collaborative work spaces are the new norm. Save on overhead, find a professional place other than a Starbucks to conduct your business (and still get great coffee) and close some deals…isn’t that what all small business owners strive for?

What Are Executive Office Suites?

Executive suites (also known as office business centers, serviced offices, and temporary or short-term office space) provide office space typically in a Class A office building with flexible terms and more services than that provided via conventional office space. The business owner rents a private (usually furnished) office and shares common areas such as lobby, conference and meeting rooms, and break areas. You also share a receptionist, copiers, and other office equipment such as video conferencing gear. The centers, offices and conference rooms are already finished with professional, high-end decor, furniture, and amenities. Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch provides all of this and more including daily housekeeping and building maintenance.

Executive suites give small businesses access to corporate-style amenities, atmosphere and technology without a large up-front investment. The services you will find at Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch include personalized telephone answering services, high speed Verizon FiOS Internet access, mail services, and administrative or clerical support.

There are an estimated 4,000 office business centers operating in the United States. As the many advantages that these centers have to offer are becoming better known, both small and large businesses are increasingly using them to meet their office needs.

Executive Suits at Lakewood Ranch is privately owned and also owns and manages the building that its suites are located in. On-site management insures that your business needs are attended to immediately.

Four signs it’s time to upgrade your home office to a professional space

Working out of a home office can be convenient (and budget-friendly) when you’re just starting out on a new venture. But as your business grows, a home office can quickly become impractical and even sabotage your success. On the other hand, renting office space – even small, flexible spaces like the ones at Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch can be a big expense for startups. So how can one find balance? To help you determine whether your business would actually benefit from a professional office space or you’re just overhyping its performance, check out the tips below.

1) You have employees

This is one of the top signals that it’s time to leave your home office – but take careful note: the focus here is on full-time, on-location workers rather than merely a general count of the people that provide services for your business on a remote, freelance and/or consulting basis. While many aspects of running a business can be accomplished in the latter format (which is usually recommended for new ventures) as your business grows, you’ll likely eventually hire people to support you on a daily basis. If sharing a space makes your cooperation more productive, you may see less distractions and better performance in a professional office space, particularly if you have several employees.

2) You have equipment

If your business provides a service, it makes sense to start out with a limited capacity so you can maximize the return on your investment. But when you’re regularly sold out and have to turn away demand, it may be time to expand. This doesn’t mean you should multiply your capacity; you may just want to double it initially, for instance by purchasing an additional machine. If your home office poses space constraints, or you need additional furniture to store records and files, you’ve probably outgrown your home space and should rent a professional office space.

3) You have meetings

Though many meetings can be held in your home office (or even just the local coffee shop), larger meetings with multiple attendees often require professional meeting rooms. When you’re just starting out, these can be rented on an hourly or daily basis – Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch has three conference rooms of various sizes for your use. But if you’re spending most of your days in these spaces and commuting to them, you may want to look at office space packages that include meeting room time, such as the ones from Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch. Depending on your situation, these can save you both time and money.

4) You have mail volume

In the early stages, you can maintain a prestigious business identity while working from home with virtual office space plans, such as the ones from Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch. These plans will either forward your mail or designate an inbox that you can check on your own. Both options are excellent when you receive just a few pieces of mail every week; if you’re processing more than that, and you definitely need a professional address; it may be time to get a real office at your virtual address. This indicator can be tricky, so you may want to evaluate it in conjunction with the other signals mentioned above.

On Your Own Without Being on Your Own

Are you a freelancer or considering freelancing? The number of freelancer workers in the US workforce is expected to outgrow full-time workers by 2020. Although part of what it means to be a freelancer is to not be confined by a confined space, it might not be wise to discard the idea of an office space all together. Executive suites are an excellent compromise that doesn’t confine like a cubicle, but maintains the professionalism and productivity necessary to successfully grow your business. Here’s why freelancers need an executive suite to succeed and standout in the increasingly competitive DIY economy.

They’re Ideal for Getting Started

The toughest part about being a freelancer is getting started. You need to find clients that are willing to take a chance on someone new, even if that new person comes with a wealth of experience. First impressions are crucial in situations such as this. An executive suite in a class A office environment helps to make that valuable good first impression because it shows that you are serious about your work.

With an executive suite, you have a professional business address that you can add to your email signature or on your business card. Its location can add immediate credence to your business reputation and it also provides you with valuable business cred. After all, your clients most likely spend their work days in a professional business environment and it’s normal for them to have the same expectations when it comes to choosing a vendor.

Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch provides class A office space in a class A professional building at a class A business location.

Privacy When You Need It

Executive suites have a door, and when you’re a freelancer on the phone with a client or with a source, privacy can be extremely important. You don’t want to risk jeopardizing a client’s trust because they think someone can overhear your conversation. And you don’t want to risk misunderstanding the conversation because of competition from any background noise.

Being able to shut the door is essential something not available in a co-working space, a table at the local coffee shop or even from your home office as shutting the door doesn’t necessarily drown out the kids in the next room or noises from outside. It goes without saying that none of these other options are acceptable if the client wants to come to meet you.

Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch has private, fully-furnished, and quiet, office space and conference rooms.

Get Away from Time-Wasting Distractions

Although email and social media will always find you, there are distractions at the home office or coffee shop that won’t follow you to the business address. These distractions can include raiding the refrigerator, watching TV – just for a minute – and even unproductive people (not everyone at the coffee shop is there to work or to study). Any or all of these distractions hinder your ability to be productive. With an executive suite you don’t have food in the refrigerator or kitchen pantry to tempt you and you don’t have a television on in the background as you’re working.
Also consider the executive suite as a way to be part of the working world, but on your terms. You are freed of forced schedules, costly commutes and awkward meetings. You have complete control over when you are there or not. Even when you are not there your professional address is. Most shared office spaces have a staffed lobby so even if a client pops in unannounced and you’re not there someone is there to let them know you are out and take a message on your behalf. With this service you look professional even when you are absent.

Executive Suites at Lakewood Ranch provides fully furnished work spaces, the services and technology that enhances your performance and productivity. Learn more by calling 941.373.1400.